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Snowy's Colorful Rainbow Adventure
In order to make learning their colors more fun, we present "Snowy's Colorful Rainbow Adventure."  This small book centers on Snowy and his  encounters with colors, clouds, a butterfly and more.  Read the book to a child, let them see the colors, feel the colored felt shapes, and using the Rainbow Color Reader let them hear the colors for themselves!

To order Snowy's Adventure with a Rainbow II Color Reader, go to our Buy Now page.  We have a Braille version available there, as well.

Snowy as a kitten

Snowy the Celebrity Spokescat

Who is Snowy?
Snowy is the Celebrity Spokescat for the Rainbow Color Reader.  He was a real cat, who used to own the founders of this company.  He was three feet long (NOT including his 18 inch tail!) and weighed 28 pounds.  He delighted in mischief, was a fierce guard cat, and surprised many a visitor with his size and affections.  His full name was Snowy de la Katinsky Woozle, so named as woozles are things that go bump and thump in the middle of the night. 

After fourteen years, Snowy passed away.  The President’s father looking for a gift for his granddaughter found the stuffed cat you see on our webpage and videos, and gave it to our President instead. Since then, Snowy the Celebrity Spokescat has represented our company and the Rainbow Color Readers and we are happy to now have his adventures documented for youngsters everywhere.