Edmondson Engineering Inc.
Rainbow II Color Reader

Introducing the new version of the Rainbow II Color Reader, a talking color identifier for the visually impaired and color blind.  Small, accurate and easy to use, the Rainbow Color Reader can easily fit in a pocket.  With over 40 colors, it provides accurate color discrimination without confusing the user with odd color names or vague descriptions of the color.  Only one button and only a single AAA battery (included) means simple operation and maintenance!

Who needs the Rainbow II?

The Visually Impaired
The Rainbow II was originally designed for the President of the company, who is visually impaired. She enjoyed wearing bright colors, but wanted to be sure she was wearing the correct ones! The Rainbow II's simple, quick operation provides the color quickly and easily, making it easy to get dressed in the correct color, sort clothes, pick the right color yarn or ribbon, and any other task that requires color.
The Color-Blind or, more precisely the WIVES of the Color-Blind!
Men with the various types of color blindness find the Rainbow II very useful in picking out the correct color shirt, t-shirt, tie, pants or any other easily confused color object.  The ability to read bright LEDs means indicators can now be read correctly.  It is easy to hang in a closet or keep in a pocket for when it is needed!
Young children learning their colors
Children love the Rainbow II Color Reader!  Give them one, and they will spend the next hour reading the colors of everything in the house. To make learning colors even more fun, we have "Snowy's Colorful Rainbow Adventure" a booklet with a small story to see and read, touch colorful felt shapes and hear the colors spoken by the Rainbow II Color Reader.  For more information, please click here.

Sorry, but we are sold out of the Rainbow 2 Color Reader.  We are working on the Rainbow 3, but due to technical difficulties, we are now hoping to have it available in Spring 2021.

Bring Color to your life!
Introductory Pricing for the Rainbow II Color Reader is j
ust $70 each!

Sorry, but we only ship to North America through this link. 

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Simple to use
Firmly place an article flat against the small plastic window on the right side of the front of the Rainbow Color Reader, then press the red arrowhead button below the window on the top.  The Rainbow Color Reader will then read the color of the material.

Reads lights and bright LEDs!
If you hold the window up to a bright LED or other light, it will indicate the color of the light.

Four Volume Levels
If you hold down the button for three seconds after it reads a color, it will say a number indicating the next volume level.

If you find a color that does not read correctly, please contact Edmondson Engineering at (760) 329-0282.  We are always seeking to improve the Rainbow II and welcome all questions and comments.

Small! only 1.6 in. wide, 2.6 in. long, .6 in. thick
Convenient Key Chain on a multi-colored ribbon
Four volume levels
Uses 1 AAA battery, included
There are over 40 different colors:

Lite Red, Red, Dark Red, Orange Red, Lite Orange, Orange, Dark Orange, Yellow Gold, Gold, Lite Yellow, Yellow, Lite Green, Green, Dark Green, Blue Green, Dark Blue Green, Lite Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Lite Purple, Purple, Dark Purple, Very Dark Purple, Lite Pink, Pink, Dark Pink, Lite Beige, Beige, Dark Beige, Brown, Dark Brown, White, Dark White, Lite Gray, Blue Gray, Purple Gray, Green Gray, Gray, Dark Gray, Very Dark Gray, Black

Also Reads Lights and Bright LEDs:

White Light, Red Light, Orange Light, Yellow Light, Green Light, Blue Light, Purple Light
To change the AAA battery, just slide the battery cover back towards the ribbon and key ring.  The battery goes in with the button end (positive) of the battery towards the ribbon.  
It will be replaced with a new rainbow color reader at any time during the four months, and all postage will be paid.
Up to a year after purchase the unit may be sent back and repaired with all postage paid by the user.
If the unit has been immersed in water, physically damaged, or the electronics inside the unit have been tampered with, then this warranty is null and void
Battery replacement is not covered by this warranty
DISCLAIMER: The Rainbow II Color Reader is intended as a tool to assist in the determination of the color of common household objects, such as clothing.  It is not a precision colorimeter, and may not be accurate in all circumstances or on all materials.